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Fertilizer sales: nitrogen fertilizer, NPK fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, potash fertilizer.
 Nitrogen Fertilizers
 Nitrogen fertilizers are substances or mixes of them containing one of the basic elements for plants - nitrogen. This is the element, which could be assimilate only through roots and not like e.g. oxygen from air. Therefore proper selection of this component in fertilizers is extremely important element in crops.The most popular nitrogen fertilizers are divided into two groups depending on the location of the nitrogen in the molecule - it could create nitrate group and nitrate compounds (saltpeters), or ammonia group in amonia fertilizers.

NPK fertilizers are properly selected, multicomponent mixtures different substances containing the most basic elements essential for proper growth and evolution of plants: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Everyone of them is assimilated by plants in different forms:
- nitrogen - as nitrates or ammonia salts,
- phosphorus - as phosphates,
- potassium - generally as potassium chloride.
 Beside mentioned macronutrients, NPK fertilizers might contain also other elements, which enrich the soil and have selective effect on the crops properties. We rank here: calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulphur (S), boron (B) and often many other additional micronutrients.
 Phosphate Fertilizers
Phosphate fertilizers are wide range of products that often contributes the NPK group. The main representative of theese are:
- superphosphates: single, double and triple; there are mixtures of mainly calcium phosphates and sulfates;
- metaphosphates, which molecules are rings created with three of four phosphate anions;
- poliphosphates;
- diphosphate;
- some phosphate meals as bone meal, and others.